A tool for one person pairing.

Let's get ducking!

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Cheers duck, I think I have it now!

Hooray! We did it!


Making use of a rubber duck, cardboard developer or inanimate object or even a non developer has long been a practice for those trying to solve tricky mind puzzles. The act of explaining or looking at your problem in a new light can unlock weird brain funk. Duckie was written in this proud tradition to encourage you to think your way out of a problem using probing questions and innocuous statements.

Duckie is entirely client side and open source. It is hosted using github pages and is free for any to use. Anders is a freelance front end developer and came up with the idea and wrote the ui and ux code. Matt is primarily a Ruby Developer and wrote the brain for the duck. Joey is a designer/ front end developer and drew the duck and tested it thoroughly. More info on Anders can be seen on his site. Matt and Joey work together as Bennett-Lovesey ltd.